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One out of every five deaths in America is from cancer. And perhaps saddest of all, cancer causes more deaths in children between the ages of 1 and 14 years than any other disease.

The National Cancer Center was founded by Dr. J. Ernest Ayre in 1953 as a non-profit organization committed to research and education about cancer. Dr. J. Ernest Ayre was a pioneer in refining and promoting the Pap test for women. The Pap test has been the major factor in reducing deaths from cervical cancer by 70%. Dr. Ayre was also one of the first researchers to recognize the enormous potential of Interferon for cancer treatment.

Dr. Ayre's dedication and accomplishments have been the standard for the work we have carried forward for over 50 years. We are currently assisting researchers at a number of universities including Duke Univ, Yale Univ, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, John Hopkins University, and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

The focus of National Cancer Center is two-fold: research and education

We are dedicated to the task of seeking out and providing financial support to researchers undertaking thorough, innovative, and promising studies on topics related to conquering cancer.

The National Cancer Center also educates Americans on how they can reduce their risk of cancer. Over the past few years, NCC has distributed millions of education and prevention packets on such topics as breast, lung, prostate, and colorectal cancer, as well as needle biopsy aspiration. Other areas of our work include mailing thousands of information packets designed to help prevent skin cancer during summer months.

We are committed to finding a cure.

We need your help to fund cancer research projects and cutting edge treatments. With your support and the work of dedicated scientists and doctors a cure can't be far away.

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